Al2O3 brown aluminum oxide fused alumina material price 

Al2O3 brown aluminum oxide fused alumina material price 

Description of Brown Fused Alumina(A)                                                  


The main raw material of Brown Fused Alumina is bauxite, which is electrically fused in high temperature. It is brown and features high hardness and toughness.
The abrasive tools made of it are suitable for grinding carbon steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze etc. In addition, they are also widely used as refractory materials, chemical additives, precision founding and anti-slidingmaterials.


Physical Index And Chemical Composition                                              








≤0. 5%





Bulk density

1.53-1.99 g/cm3

Grain density


Content of magnetic material


Application of Brown Fused Alumina for Abrasive, Refractory              

1. Abrasive blasting. widely used in aluminum, copper profiles glass, Washed jeans, precision molds and other fields;
2. Grinding.Brown Fused alumina is widely used in the domestic high-level grinding materials;
3. Resin bond abrasive tools.Brown fused alumina with color suitable, good hardness, toughness, the appropriate particle type and edge retention, used in resin abrasive, the effect is ideal;

Packing & Delivery                                                                                           

Packaging Details:   25 kg in poly-bag, 1000 kg in a big bag 

Delivery Time:    Shipped in 7 days after payment
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Product production                                                                                                  

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