0.2-0.3mm Brown Aluminum Oxide Blasting Sand Price

0.2-0.3mm brown aluminum oxide blasting sand price

Brown fused alumina

Brown fused Alumina is mainly used as a recyclable abrasive in blast cabinets and blast rooms. Because of its low iron content, alumina is often used in blasting operations where iron contamination on the non-ferrous metal substrate is not allowed. Aluminium oxide is a very hard and sharp abrasive that cleans rapidly. It leaves an anchor profile prior to coating and is suitable for removal of scale, rust and old coatings. Furthermore it is used for ceramic grinding wheels, refractory applications and polishing and grinding.

 60brown aluminum (3)

Physical Index And Chemical Composition









≤0. 5%





Bulk density

1.53-1.99 g/cm3

Grain density


Content of magnetic material





1).Abrasive: Produce ceramic grind wheel, resinoid grinding wheel, Grinding stone, Grinding block, sand paper,sand cloth, sand belt, polish wax, abrasive paste, coating etc..

2).Refractory material: Mainly used for abrasion and high temperature resistant, inoxidizable aggregate and filling of shaped and monolithic refractory in steel metallurgy, various industrial stoves, electric furnace etc..
3).  Sandblasting abrasive: Mainly used for various material workpieces to decontaminate, derusting, prevent corrosion, remove oxide skin etc..
4).  Abrasion resistance ground: Mainly used for non-slip of airport and road, chemical factory board paving.
Precision casting: Investment casting technics of stainless steel and aluminium casting in coating.


     1)25 kg sacks on pallets of up to 1 tonne            2)25 kg sacks ×40 in a big bag


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